Corporate Operations Internship Description

The MayaTech Corporation Internship Program

Internship Description


The MayaTech Corporation is a social science research and consulting firm providing program support, applied research, evaluation, policy, and management services to principal operating components of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and national non-profit entities. We have designed and executed process, program, policy, and systems-level evaluations; implemented national training and technical assistance centers; created and managed health policy and legislative analysis information systems; and operated interactive Web-based dashboard projects.

Title: Corporate Operations Intern

Department: Corporate Operations

Intern Manager: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Internship Duration: 10-12 weeks

Schedule: TBD

Student Classification: ( ) Freshman ( ) Sophomore (x) Junior (x) Senior (x) Graduate Student

Academic Discipline: Business Management; Organizational Development

Primary Assignment: Develop Business Performance Metrics

Compensation: Unpaid

Description of Opportunity: This internship will entail working with corporate managers to examine key statistical indicators of business performance that can be used for monitoring and estimating forecasts.

Intern will capture, render, track, and project from key performance indicators or metrics using off-the-shelf software tools that are easy to use (expected to be Microsoft Excel). CEO will work with the Intern to develop written specifications for each metric that is to be built. The specifications will include a statement of need for the metric, along with how it will be constructed, tested, maintained, and assessed against intended value. Four to six measures will be designed and implemented over the course of the internship.

Qualifications: Candidate must have familiarity with business accounting, facility with Microsoft Excel, and understanding of basic statistical terms. Intern will be supervised by a senior corporate official to ensure that intern gains an understanding of business operations principles and utility of selected indicators. Internship requires physical presence in our Silver Spring, MD corporate office.

Learning Objectives:

1. Gain insight on basic statistical measures used for monitoring business operations.

2. Develop ability to match appropriate measure(s) to address particular operations questions.

3. Interact verbally and in written form with senior corporate managers.