Center for Public Health Systems Innovation Center (CPHSI) Internship Description

The MayaTech Corporation Internship Program

Internship Description


About the Center: The Center for Public Health Systems Innovation (CPHSI) is a newly created Center at The MayaTech Corporation.
The goals of the CPHSI are to develop and maintain situational awareness of the trends in public health, publish thought pieces on the identified
trends, and pursue opportunities for MayaTech to engage in discussions, partnerships and projects to advance the public’s health. CPHSI will work
with other units in MayaTech to design, implement, and report on research and evaluation projects covering various public health topics for local
and national clients. These clients may include federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Health Resources and Services Administration. Other clients may include
foundations, associations, community-based organizations, and institutions of higher education.

Title: CPHSI Intern

Department: Center for Public Health Systems Innovation

Intern Manager: Center Manager/Senior Public Health Scientist

Internship Duration: 10-12 weeks

Schedule: TBD

Student Classification: ( ) Freshman ( ) Sophomore (x) Junior (x) Senior (x) Graduate Student

Academic Discipline: Public Health

Primary Assignment: Environmental scan of public health trends, literature reviews and compilation of scan and review findings

Compensation: Unpaid

Description of Opportunity: This internship will entail working with the Senior Public Health Scientist who is a registered nurse and
trained in public health on activities such as the following:

  • Literature searches on public health issues and trends;
  • Participate in discussions with public health scholars and practitioners to identify responses to identified trends;
  • Content analysis of interviews; and
  • Assist in preparing papers and a presentation on the identified public health topics and trends

Qualifications:Candidate must have experience that includes searching the literature (including grey literature) systematically
using search engines and other Web-based tools; good writing and oral communication skills; good organizational skills and sense of teamwork;
excellent attention to detail; and good facility and working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows Office Suite including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Undergraduate and graduate students at any level considered, but successful completion of at least one upper-level public health course is required.

Learning Objectives:

1. Based on the issues and trends observed in public health, describe at least three public health system innovations that might be employed to improve
the health of communities.

2. Produce a high-quality literature review and organize the results in a searchable database